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Comet/WebSocket? Introducing the Atmosphere framework

Pushing messages to connected clients has always been a need on the web, growing with the apparition of new Rich Internet Applications, like realtime feeds (Gmail, news, market quotes), social feeds (The Twitter, Facebook and consort) and many other providing realtime collaboration, monitoring and control like new Internet of Things applications (FlightRadar24, Arduino #1, #2).

Comet technics (ie. polling, long-polling, streaming) and more recently, the WebSocket protocol, have made possible various webpush applications.

Today, when you want to enable realtime push on your own Java-based webapp, you have several solutions:

In this article, I will focus on Atmosphere. After a brief presentation of the framework, I will demonstrate how easy it is to make push-capable applications, whatever the container you use and the nature of your clients.

Before we start, you can take a look at the following video, that demonstrates what I achieved thanks to the Atmosphere framework (more details below, of course):


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